The U17 ladies face Venezuela and Brazil in final World Cup warm up

2016-09-16 12:00:00

Jordan’s U17 Women’s National Team will start their historic journey when they represent the country for the first time in the history of the Women’s World Cup competition at the FIFA u-17 Women’s World Cup as hosts of the tournament which kicks off on September 30 to October 21.

With less than 2 weeks remaining for their opening game against European runner-ups Spain, Jordan will face both South America’s champions Venezuela on Monday, 19 September, and then runner-ups Brazil on Thursday, 22 September, as a final rehearsal and warm up to the World Cup.

The Jordanian Team has been in contact with many of the teams that will participate at the 2016 World Cup in Jordan for pre-tournament friendlies and the teams that confirmed their interest were Venezuela and Brazil.

Head coach Robbie Johnson stressed the importance of the two encounters against both teams and considered it a good test ahead of World Cup kickoff, Johnson said:

“We got a confirmation from both Venezuela and Brazil to take our offer for pre-World Cup friendlies. This is the final stage of our preparations and it will allow us to compete against strong countries which will prepare us well for the matches in our group against Spain, Mexico and New Zealand.”

“Venezuela are South America’s champions and Brazil are the runner ups; and they play excellent competitive football and thats something we will face in our opening game against Spain. These two matches will be a good preparation from the technical, physical, and psychological point of view and it will get the girls in World Cup atmosphere.” he concluded.

The National Team’s 21-player final squad is expected to be announced shortly in the upcoming days.

Jordan’s current squad consists of the following 27 players:

Rand Al-Bustanji, Jude Alshanty, Raneen Al-Halalat, Raya Hariri, Farah Alzaben, Jeeda Alnaber, Luna Sahloul, Rahmeh Abzakh, Anoud Emad, Alanoud Ghazi, Noor Zoqash, Zeena Fakhoury, Tala Alawwad, Ityn Alwaneh, Tasneem Abu Rob, Lana Mashkhaj, Rama Walid, Tasnim Isleem, Dina Alsarayrah, Rouzbahan Fraij, Noor Abu Kiskh, Joel Srouji, Leen Al-Btoush, Yasmeen Zabian, Leen Alabbadi, Jana Abu Ghosh, Sarah Abu Sabbah