Southern Jordan Schools receive social cohesion and non-violent communication workshop

2017-07-25 11:11:27
Teachers and trainers from 12 schools in Tafileh in the South of Jordan had the opportunity to advance their skills on nonviolent communication and negotiation skills to build positive relationships between students in a 3 day course which concluded today.   Organized by the Asian Football Development Project, Ministry of Education, Jordan Football, streetfootballworld, and UEFA Foundation for Children, this workshop is a part of an ongoing program that aims to provide school teachers with the knowledge and skill sets necessary to run regular football activities for children, in addition to employing the sport as a platform for building self-esteem and encouraging social cohesion by facilitating interaction among children from different backgrounds, challenging stereotypes and encouraging cross-cultural understanding and acceptance.   Instructors from AFDP, Jordanian National Women’s team player Zina Al Saadi, former Jordanian National Women’s team player Maryana Haddad, and Haneen Khateeb, former Jordanian player who played in the record-breaking highest-altitude match in Kilimanjaro, delivered the training.   The next phase will reach 24 different schools in Southern Jordan before the end of 2017.