Jordan Football Association wraps up prolific LaLiga visit in Spain

2018-02-28 21:38:38
A delegation from the Jordan Football Association (JFA) and representatives of Jordanian Professional Football Clubs concluded a short visit to the LaLiga headquarters in Spain, where they attended fruitful managerial and financial workshops. JFA persists its mission to develop its organizational structure by bolstering its ties with LaLiga, one of the world’s most important sporting and footballing organisations and institutions on the international stage. The visit comes as part of the ongoing three-year collaboration agreement that was penned earlier this year between the two organisations, to share expertise in various fields. The workshops spanned over 3 days from 22-24 February 2018, shedding light on sport development topics such as club licensing, stadium security, financial control, marketing, and administration. A visit to the Butarque Stadium, the official home ground of CD Leganes, helped bring a closer on-ground look to the flow of work and match operations such as ticketing, crowd control, gates and entrances, match organization, and security. The workshops also shed light on methods to enhance club income, managing auditing, budgeting, it also shared successful stories from the organizing and ticketing system in LaLiga matches, plus controlling and managing security. LaLiga also shared its knowledge on how to turn financial losses into revenues by applying successful marketing schemes, finding the right sponsorship deals and investment opportunities that would help take the clubs' profits to new heights, and increasing club income by increasing match attendance and merchandise sales. Another part of the workshops was dedicated to security measures and arrangements, LaLiga shared its experience on forming a a conjoined integrated security unit, which monitors security for all clubs, with camera surveillance systems that are connected to all the stadiums into a live control room, in order to oversee and maintain security, and control match organization. Laliga ensured that it will continue to provide all the needed consultation to JFA and Jordanian Professional Clubs, to help form the Jordanian Professional Clubs Association. Participating Club representatives expressed their delight with the visit, pointing the fact that forming a Club Association would be a step in the right direction for prospering club and competitions' success and revenue in the upcoming year. They also stressed the importance of the visit, which will reflect positively on the clubs, and help develop Jordanian domestic competitions, benefiting from the LaLiga experience. The Jordanian delegation consisted of JFA officials Mohammed Al Abweh (International Relations), Flayeh Khsailat (Club Affairs), Rahaf Owais (Marketing), Ahmad Masha (Club Licensing), and Professional Club representatives: Shabab Al Ordon President Salim Khair, and Al Jazeera President Mohammed Al Maharmeh. LaLiga will continue to support the JFA in terms of developing professional football in Jordan, through various activities and conferences aided by LaLiga experts specializing in different fields. LaLiga will also contribute to the development system by running courses for coaches and officials. LaLiga and the JFA will use the liaison to work on topics that directly affect the beautiful game, such as stadium security, match-fixing, audiovisual piracy, refereeing and boosting competition. Other key areas covered by the agreement include strengthening and developing women’s football in Jordan. Leagues in countries such as Honduras, Nigeria, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and the Solomon Islands have already shown interest in LaLiga’s cutting-edge strategy, management methods and working procedures, making the organisation a reference point for football associations all over the globe.